EVA, the revolutionary recruitment robot is now operational at LUCKYLINK

LUCKYLINK welcomes EVA who joins the team as their Employment Virtual Assistant. Founded in 2014, LUCKYLINK recruitment has a prestigious network of bars, restaurants and hotels in London, and a directory of over 35,000 qualified and experienced staff. This month, LUCKYLINK introduced their latest recruit. EVA is a recruiter-bot hardwired with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently EVA is being trained by LUCKYLINK’s recruitment executives as an entry level specialist, assisting the team in candidate sourcing and screening. EVA learns at such speed that by the end of September she will have the knowledge of a recruitment executive with two years experience.

How does EVA help?


EVA is amazing at sourcing a large volume of candidates. She automatically acquires new candidates from every possible digital and physical source using LUCKYLINK’s proprietary technology.


EVA carefully reviews every available profile and CV to produce a comprehensive pool of potential candidates. She then screens for suitability using both AI and the expertise of the LUCKYLINK team to talk with candidates and understand them on a deeper level including their cultural fit with the potential employer.


EVA’s use of statistical algorithms makes her capable of accurately matching suitable candidates with the roles best suited to their skills and personality. Her decision making is always checked by a competent human.


EVA streamlines the scheduling of interviews and trial shifts; arranging and aligning diaries becomes effortless.


Employer feedback is collated by EVA which informs her matching algorithms, allowing for highly accurate re-placing if and when required. More info about EVA.

With only a 15 minute brief, LUCKYLINK can present 5 suitable candidates for any front of house, back of house or management vacancy, drawn from a pool of thousands in fewer than 5 days.

“Our recruiters are at least four times more productive than those in a traditional agency, all thanks to EVA and her AI technology. Speed and cost of hire is critical to our uncompromising clients, we can meet their expectations thanks to the power of this technology”

– Max Knupfer, Chief Recruitment Officer at LUCKYLINK Recruitment

Why is LUCKYLINK different?

LUCKYLINK’s pricing and guarantees are unrivalled in the recruitment industry.

Their AI powered technology enables industry leading pricing, on average 60% less than their closest competitors. In addition they can guarantee the placement with a world beating 12 month unlimited replacement policy. This guarantee provides peace of mind, a real luxury in an increasingly unpredictable world after Brexit. The extraordinary thing is that hospitality managers can apply this 12-month replacement guarantee to existing employees. Indeed, with a one-off upfront payment or 12 monthly instalments, employers can protect against staff turnover with unlimited replacements for a year or longer. More info about LUCKYLINK’s pricing.

“Hospitality employers don’t want to waste time and money chatting to, meeting with, and hiring irrelevant, unqualified, unvetted and temporary people. Likewise candidates wish to avoid injury “swiping right” tinder-style, on vacancies that are outdated, fake, and above all detrimental to their career development. We have built EVA, our amazing LUCKYLINK recruiter-bot to make the process painless and effortless. ‘She’ is already proving successful at helping the team, placing candidates and filling our clients vacancies.”

– Ben Kaminsky, Founder & CEO of LUCKYLINK Recruitment.

Currently boasting an ever-growing community of over 35,000 qualified hospitality candidates in London alone and with over 3,000 staff actively seeking permanent positions each month, LUCKYLINK has your future workforce ready and waiting.

If you are interested in using LUCKYLINK please get in touch via luckylink.com or enquiries@luckylink.com.

We’ve been supercharged

Thank you for using LUCKYLINK so far! Your membership means a huge amount to us.

We have adopted a revolutionary new approach to make your recruitment effortless, taking the best elements of traditional recruitment and coupling them with industry-leading AI.

Job Seekers

You can chat right now with the incredible EVA. She’s your personal agent, who helps you find amazing jobs and schedule interviews with the best hospitality managers in London.


You have access to even better pricing, with a 12-month guarantee on new hires! Once you sign up, EVA will send you perfectly matched, experienced, and vetted candidate profiles straight away. You can also call us any time!

Ben Kaminsky

Founder & CEO at LUCKYLINK Recruitment Network

Model Village Retreat in Partnership with LUCKYLINK Recruitment.

Friday 28th April marked a very exciting collaboration between Model Village – the new influencer marketing app connecting brands with agency-signed female models and LUCKYLINK, the top hospitality recruitment network for high-end bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, events and retail in London.

Working together on a special event hosted at the wonderful Tape Lodge, we provided the waiters, bartender and chef for a weekend of wellness and skills classes for some of Model Village’s Ambassadors.

On the Friday afternoon, Model Village treated the models to a fitness class provided and hosted by Zack Mills, followed by a 5* gourmet dinner served by LUCKYLINK’s certified hospitality staff and a 2 hour cocktail masterclass provided by TheBartender.co.uk.

Presenting The Cocktail Clinic, the class is designed for mixology novices and is the perfect activity for dinner parties, weekend retreats, birthday parties or simply a great night!

The specially trained bartenders took on the role of teacher and delivered a detailed class covering the history of cocktails and spirits, before making 3 original cocktails and guiding attendees through the creation of their own special beverage for a chance to win a grand prize!
After a restful night in the luxury venue, Saturday morning treated the members to a continental breakfast and yoga session by Heather Bonnie Lee. The Ambassadors then followed a healthy cooking class for their lunch, followed by a pampering spa afternoon including massages, a meditation session and nail treatments, finished off with a 5* chef dinner by Ivan Simeoli.

Sound good? We think so! If you would like the opportunity to get trained in Cocktail Mixology and Model Hosting, sign up to www.luckylink.com  and take a look at http://modelvillage.co/ ! We’ll see you at the next retreat!

Check out the after-video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ihBj4LIru4

Extra special thanks to:

  • The Model Village and their Ambassadors!
  • TheBartender.co.uk
  • Quentin Renard
  • William Soulier
  • Ivan Simeoli ( Italiku )
  • Zack Mills Fitness
  • Heather Bonnie Lee
  • And last but certainly not least, our LUCKYLINK staff!

Models (Instagram handles) : @anatanaka, @maggiepetrova, @iamshree, @karlakuhlm, @blueberry.monkey, @rudiemccree,  @lilyosborne , @madifogg.

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Team Announcement Press Release

LUCKYLINK welcome three new heavy-weights to their C-suite executive team.

Being one of London’s leading employment networks, LUCKYLINK is proud to announce their own appointment of three new executives:

  • Charlie Markham as Chief Technology Officer
  • James Routledge  as Chief Innovation Officer
  • Max Knupfer as Chief Recruitment Officer

Charlie Markham, who previously worked for major companies such as UBS, Deutsche Bank and other influential enterprises, was the previous founder and CTO of Propel.me, an innovative social web site focused on career acceleration. He specialises in building products that analyse millions of CVs, job postings and social media profiles to match jobs with candidates.

As CTO, he will develop and operate LUCKYLINK’s high performance enterprise systems and recruitment technology. Drawing from his 10+ experience in technology, he will expand and enhance LUCKYLINK’s candidate and client matching system through big data analytics and artificial intelligence.

James Routledge’s experience spans over 10 years in technology, with an enviable track record designing and delivering products that deliver amazing customer experience. He has been a mentor at Europe’s #1 network of angel-led accelerator programme, Ignite Accelerator, as well as Microsoft and Lean Start-up Machine (the world’s leading boot camp on Lean Start-up methodology). He sits on the boards of three fast moving companies and has helped to build three startups since 2010.

In this new role, James will bring a focus around the customer to the business through helping us understand the tools the next generation of recruiters need to offer a service for everyone in hospitality the type of execution with tech normally experienced by executive search.

Max Knupfer, has 20+ years of experience within the hospitality industry gained in organisations as big as Whitbread and as small as his own street food stall. Max has a deep understanding of recruitment from both the client and agency perspective and has joined us from a boutique retail and hospitality recruitment agency.

As CRO he will be the voice of the candidate and the client to ensure we build the best experience for both, particularly being sensitive to the challenges of satisfying both parties needs in a high volume recruitment environment. He will also be the face of the business as we broaden and deepen our client base within the LUCKYLINK recruitment network.

Founder and CEO Ben Kaminsky of the three new  officers:

“I am delighted to welcome Charlie, James and Max to the team. All heavy weights in their field, they have been essential in the rebranding of LUCKYLINK and our software. The new format and design of our website and recruitment strategy is professional, elegant and reflects the high class nature of LUCKYLINK, our clients and candidates.

“Going forward, they are establishing an improved matchmaking system through analytics and artificial intelligence, as well as building on our client and candidate relations to ensure that LUCKYLINK can provide the best service possible. With their help, we are making our own luck.”

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LUCKYLINK Press Release Spring 2017

The recruitment industry is not spared by a world redefined by technology, and no one is disrupting traditional recruitment agencies like LUCKYLINK.

Since its launch in 2014, LUCKYLINK has been providing the most sought after hospitality recruitment network by signing up top venues in London to source certified candidates.

With a vigilant screening process of all its potential employees, LUCKYLINK offers the most qualified candidates for the best roles. From waiters, baristas, barbacks and kitchen porters to head chefs, mixologists, sommeliers and front of house managers, LUCKYLINK’s advanced technology automatically schedules interviews on behalf of its members after intelligently matching candidates to relevant vacancies.

Murphy Mary, Restaurant Manager of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon says:

“Straight after becoming a member of the network, 5 interviews were automatically scheduled in my calendar with candidates already screened and certified by LUCKYLINK. I made 3 offers and eventually hired two amazing staff, trained and already operational for the floor. Revolutionary!”

The LUCKYLINK platform is used by hundreds of London’s leading venues such as L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay, Tom’s Kitchen in Somerset House, Iberica, The Dorchester Collection and Novus Leisure. By such praise from some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry, the success of LUCKYLINK speaks for itself.

LUCKYLINK is becoming known in the industry as the Uber and Airbnb of the hospitality recruitment world and is putting into question the relevance of recruitment and staffing agencies.

Roddy Watt, CEO of the Hotel Management Company says:

“Having founded and managed the UK’s largest hospitality recruitment business for more than 20 years, I must say LUCKYLINK delivers tremendous value for money. It cuts down massively on time, resources and money spent on traditional recruitment agencies and is a great way to source quality candidates very quickly.”

LUCKYLINK is the pioneer of Hospitality Technology (HosTech) in the UK with its innovative online and mobile platform including chat messenger, video introductions, CV viewer and interview scheduler. These features have allowed venues such as the recently opened MNKY HSE in Mayfair & Tom Seller’s OURS in Knightsbridge to recruit exclusively using the app and negating the need to go through agencies.

Tawa Tanye Assistant Restaurant Manager of MNKY HSE says:

LUCKYLINK not only screens our candidates to certify they speak English and if they’re eligible to work in the UK but they also make sure they have the right attitude and respect basic hospitality standards. It is also highly reactive when it comes to organise our interviews and trial shifts. A big-time saver for us, busy hospitality professionals.”

Unlike other countless job websites and apps, LUCKYLINK focuses on quality over quantity. It is creating the most effective network that makes hiring and finding a job quick and easy.

To perfectly secure the recruitment of qualified candidates to current vacancies, LUCKYLINK’s algorithms, namely the matchmaking and performance ranking scores, automatically inspect and rank all the members available in the network. Criteria such as eligibility to work in the UK, English language level, number of years of experience in relevant venues, contract types, availabilities and skill requirements are taken into account.

In addition to screening candidates, LUCKYLINK also promotes a strict policy when it comes to professional etiquette. Leveraging the wisdom of their peers, employers flag candidates for inappropriate behaviour, responsiveness, no show or punctuality that will appear against the candidate’s performance ranking in the search results on the app.

Founded by Ben Kaminsky, LUCKYLINK is the culmination of his experience in data analytics, business intelligence and innovative organisation coupled with his knowledge and connection within the world of hospitality and service.

“LUCKYLINK has always been about linking up the members of our network thanks to an ‘invisible lucky hand’. In 2017, we will catalyse even more lucky connections with artificial intelligence.

Ben Kaminsky, Founder & CEO of LUCKYLINK Recruitment Network

For further information, all press enquiries please contact


shenelle@thesupernova.co.uk / +44 (0) 7941 004 552


What does it take to make it big in London?

London’s best venues are known for class, elegance and providing the finest service.

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs that recruit with LUCKYLINK

A special calibre of candidate is required to work the lavish parties, special events and fine dinners in Mayfair’s most prestigious restaurants, bars and clubs.

Millie Mackintosh at MNKY HSE, January 2017. Image cred: Daily Mail

Those who thrive in these roles are confident, effortlessly charming and approachable with excellent manners.

Those who can demonstrate exceptional performance in this environment will be considered for the most coveted vacancies in Central London’s iconic venues.

View from Coq d’Argent

Being a certified member of LUCKYLINK shows that you have all the qualities of an exemplary team member, who would be an asset to any establishment.


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7 Job Search Tips

Sooner or later we come up against the situation when we need to find a job.

It doesn’t matter if you finished university or came from maternity leave, or just wanted to change career line. Almost every time job searching is accompanied by emotions, uncertainty about the future and stress.

The hiring process has grown considerably more complicated in recent years. Now, instead of a single phone screen and in-person interview, the process often involves personality and skills assessments, presentations, take-home assignments, and multiple interviews with different stakeholders throughout the organization.

It’s clear that today’s employers are serious about finding candidates who are the right fit, who are going to succeed in the company and mesh with the culture.

Lets make the job search time less nervous and divide this long and daunting process into small steps. You will find that searching for work  – not such a terrible thing, what it may seems to be!

1. Get one’s bearings

Think about what you expect from the work. Do not blindly trust the opinions of friends and acquaintances about their experience in their companies. Everyone is different and what one person seems to be the best place to work, can be completely different approach. Be honest with yourself, and figure out what you expect from the future place of work, what purposes are planning to achieve. Prioritize what is the most important thing for you at work – money, stability, social status, the complexity of tasks, career prospects. Make a list, placing these points in descending order of importance, and remember it well: it will be useful tool for you, when the time comes to make a choice.

2. Check the market situation

Carefully study the job market. Note what is happening in the field that interests you: what are the average salaries, the latest developments, trends and leaders among employers. Gather as much information as possible, so that you will get a complete picture of potential prospects.

3. Study the vacancies ads

After determining the list of eligible professions, start to learn about the job ad. Currently, the most popular sources are the printed media, as well as ads on the Internet. Most companies – both large companies and smaller organizations – include the announcement of the open positions. So now, this method is one of the most effective.

4. Ask your friends

Make a list of friends, the field of which is interesting for you. Arrange a personal meeting over a cup of coffee, get a conversation on the work topic . It is not difficult to find out whether they are looking for experts during this conversation. Even if it turns out that this method does not bring the desired result, at least, you will see a lot of people, and maintaining contacts is very valuable in our time.

5. Check your employer

When you have found a position that is suitable for you, and its specification, all looks very cool, not too lazy you need to check out the company before you send a resume.

Find out what this organization is, what goals they have in the market, which provides employees comfortable working conditions.

It can be quite difficult to know the opinion of employees. Even if your loved one is working in the company, you can not be absolutely sure that you will get complete and accurate information from him.

6. Make a successful  CV

Writing a CV can be one of the toughest challenges of job hunting. Most employers spend just a few seconds scanning each CV before sticking it in the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ pile. Experts say there are some golden rules for getting a CV correct, not least accuracy, spelling and grammar.

Don’t repeat the mistakes, they say, of a lawyer who stressed his “dew diligence”, or the applicant who ignored commas when describing his interests as “cooking dogs and interesting people”.

If sending a CV as a hard copy, along with a job application, then it needs to be neat and typed if possible. Most libraries have public computers which can be used by those who do not have their own.

Increasingly, applicants are asked to send a digital copy of a CV. If this is the case then the first set of “eyes” to see it might be an automated search for key words, so experts suggest applicants ensure mandatory requirements in the job advert are included in a CV.

7. Get ready for interview

Before you prepare for the interview, stop and take a step back to review the interview from the recruiter’s viewpoint. Think about why each question is asked – some say to analyze the question behind the question – and try to understand what skills or attributes are actually being evaluated in your response. If you can understand this process and prepare accordingly, you will not only survive, but also succeed in interviews.

Interviews are business meetings. Prepare accordingly. Know what you want to talk about; know your resume thoroughly; be able to cite examples of skills, lessons learned or goals met all across the resume page. Dress like you care. Give the impression that this is an important meeting for you.

Recruiters will not try to embarrass you or cause you stress. They have a difficult task in conducting 10 to 15 interviews daily. Help them select you by being prepared. Ultimately, recruiters must find from 1-5 candidates who “fit” their needs. The quality of candidates referred for second, on-site interviews is a direct reflection on the recruiter’s ability to know and choose talent. His or her job is a difficult one.

LUCKYLINK Testimonial from OURS Restaurant

OURS Restaurant is situated in the heart of South Kensington, a stones throw from The Saatchi Gallery and Harrods.

The manager, Sam, has been using LUCKYLINK to recruit for this immense restaurant featuring indoor trees, a living plant wall of 1,200 flower pots and a mezzanine level bar-lounge.

“LUCKYLINK has removed the nitty gritty from the hiring process. The app has allowed me to fast track finding the right employee without taking too much time,” he says.

“It’s user friendly and easy to operate on-the-go.  Also a great way to communicate with people in the technological age, especially more tech savvy candidates.”

In fact, Ana-Maria is now a Junior Floor Manager at OURS thanks to her LUCKYLINKprowess.

“I got my first job in London with LUCKYLINK. I worked there for 6 months and I really enjoyed it, gaining a lot of experience learning new things, but I quickly decided that I needed to further my career and look for another job.

“I discovered Restaurant Ours through LUCKYLINK, lucky me! They took me on as a waitress and gave me more responsibilities over the months, allowing me to grow to where I am now. So here I am as Junior Floor Manager!”

Sam was able to discuss the position with applicants via the instant messaging chat, with the matchmaking algorithms suggesting relevant, quality candidates like Ana-Maria.

“The hiring process was fast and straightforward. We scheduled the interview through the app, all questions that I had received a fast reply from Sam, and once accepted I started straight away. Thank you LUCKYLINK, I have a job!”

Simplicity is key when it comes to recruitment. The best way to attract candidates is to provide as much information as you can in your original wanted staff advert. Once linked and chatting, all that’s left is finding a time both the employer and candidate can meet – which the app makes easier with the interview scheduler.

“What makes LUCKYLINK different is the speed of getting in touch with the employers. Within 5 mins you have an interview scheduled,” says Ana-Maria.

“For all new people that are looking for a job in hospitality, they must try LUCKYLINK.  They will be able to find what they are looking for. My friends have also done it!” says Ana-Maria.

Sam and Ana-Maria both made their own luck, when will you?


Press Release Winter 2016

LUCKYLINK Reveals New and Improved Web User Interfaces

Today, digital recruitment network ‘LUCKYLINK’ has revealed a brand new and improved user interface of its web application. Targeting the hotel, restaurant, bar, club, and food & drink retail industries, LUCKYLINK aims to combine the benefits of online job boards and traditional recruitment agencies – bringing together the best of both worlds.

Venue managers in London are busier than ever trying to maintain high standards of service. Tackling ever-growing competition and the challenge created by a shortage of quality staff, the new interface has been designed to support these needs, updating the look, feel and usability to highlight the application’s key services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

New and unique service includes:

  • Candidate performance ranking – collating recruiter feedback (reliability, punctuality, professionalism) and candidate data (relevant certifications, skills, experience),
  • Match-making scoring system – advanced algorithms sort data to match 
candidate to vacancy using search criteria such as availability, location, 
experience and skills
  • GPS technology – using geo-location the app gives an alert notification 
when a relevant candidate is in close proximity to the place of work (replacing the ad on the door)

With this service, LUCKYLINK is both increasing the placement rate of candidates and decreasing the no-show rate at interviews for employers, which is high in the hospitality industry.

Other benefits of the network include:

  • Tiered membership, from pay-as-you-go to full account management
  • Affordable:
    • From £99 for pay-as-you-go
    • Only 3% commission for full account management (compared to recruitment industry average 12% commission)
  • LUCKYLINK enables employers to identify candidates that are certified to work in the UK, prior to interview
  • LUCKYLINK ensures all candidates are fluent in spoken English
  • Search filters including: availability, experience, specialist skills, languages spoken/standard of English, certification
  • Real-time interaction via chat or video introductions
  • Digital CV viewer

In addition, LUCKYLINK rewards members who recommend successful recruiters and candidates with a recruitment referral scheme.

Targeting both front and back of house staff, the launch of the new interface sees LUCKYLINK expand its reach to include managerial and support office positions. Primarily focusing on permanent roles, LUCKYLINK is also listing temporary opportunities in the lead up to Christmas.

LUCKYLINK Founder & CEO Ben Kaminsky says:

‘In an industry where hospitality and retail managers experience between 20% and 40% staff turnover each year, recruitment is an expensive necessity, costing businesses both time and money. At LUCKYLINK, we aim to bridge the gap between our busy employer and modern-day employee with our cross-platform network offering an affordable, efficient and trustworthy recruitment solution.

With over 2.9 million jobs in the hospitality sector representing 9 per cent of total UK employment, LUCKYLINK’s new interface is a one-stop solution, enabling managers to reduce both costs and time invested with an effective cross-platform format and unique services tailored to the industry.

Clementine Communications 2016

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