LUCKYLINK Testimonial from OURS Restaurant

OURS Restaurant is situated in the heart of South Kensington, a stones throw from The Saatchi Gallery and Harrods.

The manager, Sam, has been using LUCKYLINK to recruit for this immense restaurant featuring indoor trees, a living plant wall of 1,200 flower pots and a mezzanine level bar-lounge.

“LUCKYLINK has removed the nitty gritty from the hiring process. The app has allowed me to fast track finding the right employee without taking too much time,” he says.

“It’s user friendly and easy to operate on-the-go.  Also a great way to communicate with people in the technological age, especially more tech savvy candidates.”

In fact, Ana-Maria is now a Junior Floor Manager at OURS thanks to her LUCKYLINKprowess.

“I got my first job in London with LUCKYLINK. I worked there for 6 months and I really enjoyed it, gaining a lot of experience learning new things, but I quickly decided that I needed to further my career and look for another job.

“I discovered Restaurant Ours through LUCKYLINK, lucky me! They took me on as a waitress and gave me more responsibilities over the months, allowing me to grow to where I am now. So here I am as Junior Floor Manager!”

Sam was able to discuss the position with applicants via the instant messaging chat, with the matchmaking algorithms suggesting relevant, quality candidates like Ana-Maria.

“The hiring process was fast and straightforward. We scheduled the interview through the app, all questions that I had received a fast reply from Sam, and once accepted I started straight away. Thank you LUCKYLINK, I have a job!”

Simplicity is key when it comes to recruitment. The best way to attract candidates is to provide as much information as you can in your original wanted staff advert. Once linked and chatting, all that’s left is finding a time both the employer and candidate can meet – which the app makes easier with the interview scheduler.

“What makes LUCKYLINK different is the speed of getting in touch with the employers. Within 5 mins you have an interview scheduled,” says Ana-Maria.

“For all new people that are looking for a job in hospitality, they must try LUCKYLINK.  They will be able to find what they are looking for. My friends have also done it!” says Ana-Maria.

Sam and Ana-Maria both made their own luck, when will you?