Press Release Winter 2016

LUCKYLINK Reveals New and Improved Web User Interfaces

Today, digital recruitment network ‘LUCKYLINK’ has revealed a brand new and improved user interface of its web application. Targeting the hotel, restaurant, bar, club, and food & drink retail industries, LUCKYLINK aims to combine the benefits of online job boards and traditional recruitment agencies – bringing together the best of both worlds.

Venue managers in London are busier than ever trying to maintain high standards of service. Tackling ever-growing competition and the challenge created by a shortage of quality staff, the new interface has been designed to support these needs, updating the look, feel and usability to highlight the application’s key services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

New and unique service includes:

  • Candidate performance ranking – collating recruiter feedback (reliability, punctuality, professionalism) and candidate data (relevant certifications, skills, experience),
  • Match-making scoring system – advanced algorithms sort data to match 
candidate to vacancy using search criteria such as availability, location, 
experience and skills
  • GPS technology – using geo-location the app gives an alert notification 
when a relevant candidate is in close proximity to the place of work (replacing the ad on the door)

With this service, LUCKYLINK is both increasing the placement rate of candidates and decreasing the no-show rate at interviews for employers, which is high in the hospitality industry.

Other benefits of the network include:

  • Tiered membership, from pay-as-you-go to full account management
  • Affordable:
    • From £99 for pay-as-you-go
    • Only 3% commission for full account management (compared to recruitment industry average 12% commission)
  • LUCKYLINK enables employers to identify candidates that are certified to work in the UK, prior to interview
  • LUCKYLINK ensures all candidates are fluent in spoken English
  • Search filters including: availability, experience, specialist skills, languages spoken/standard of English, certification
  • Real-time interaction via chat or video introductions
  • Digital CV viewer

In addition, LUCKYLINK rewards members who recommend successful recruiters and candidates with a recruitment referral scheme.

Targeting both front and back of house staff, the launch of the new interface sees LUCKYLINK expand its reach to include managerial and support office positions. Primarily focusing on permanent roles, LUCKYLINK is also listing temporary opportunities in the lead up to Christmas.

LUCKYLINK Founder & CEO Ben Kaminsky says:

‘In an industry where hospitality and retail managers experience between 20% and 40% staff turnover each year, recruitment is an expensive necessity, costing businesses both time and money. At LUCKYLINK, we aim to bridge the gap between our busy employer and modern-day employee with our cross-platform network offering an affordable, efficient and trustworthy recruitment solution.

With over 2.9 million jobs in the hospitality sector representing 9 per cent of total UK employment, LUCKYLINK’s new interface is a one-stop solution, enabling managers to reduce both costs and time invested with an effective cross-platform format and unique services tailored to the industry.

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