Additional Services

Additional services on Subscription model

Full package = From £90 per month

  1. JOB POSTING SUPPORT – from £90 per month

To make life easier for you, we’ll set it all up! Just send us the description of your vacancies and will configure your account for you. Job descriptions to be sent to


2. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – from £490 per month

The LUCKYLINK team will manage your account. As part of this, we will be:

  • spotlighting suitable candidates in the LUCKYLINK user base
  • collecting CVs
  • linking and chatting for you
  • scheduling your interviews


3. PRE-SCREENING CANDIDATES – from £490 per month

Before booking all the interviews/trial shifts for you, we will:

  • check UK work eligibility and levels of use of English
  • pre-screen the candidates by video or interview face to face



Off-market match-making – £490 per month

We match your job requirements with off-market candidates in our 20K job seeker database

Background checking – £490 per month

We background check and obtain work experience references