Employment Virtual Assistant
Supercharge your recruitment pipelines with predictive AI

Employment Virtual Assistant
Supercharge your recruitment pipelines with predictive AI


Proactively engage candidates

Proactively engage candidates

Head hunting is big business, especially in competitive markets.

Eva automates this activity, identifying candidates who:

May be ready to move job

Are likely to be suitable for your jobs

Will engage in the process and succeed in being placed

By automating this activity, Eva taps a deep pool of passive candidates that currently are only addressed at large cost.

Proactively engage candidates

Machine Learning

Learning from agents

Learning from agents

Eva uses real recruiter decision behaviour to learn to match candidates to jobs.

A wide range of factors are considered as part of the matching process, including:

the client company’s previous hiring activity

who’s been successful previously

what skills and experience matter for this particular job

Learning from agents


Build relationships
at infinite scale

Build relationships<br /> at infinite scale

Eva’s chatbot provides candidates with a positive experience and highly responsive service that enables them to quickly engage and qualify for jobs.

Eva can manage an unlimited volume of conversations, plus knows when to engage human agents to move conversations forward.

We support Facebook messenger, SMS webchat and more…

Build relationships<br /> at infinite scale

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Maximise every relationship

A traditional ATS stores data and does nothing with it
EVA builds relationships and drives progression

Generating warm leads automatically

Maximise every relationship

Unlike other systems, Eva’s goal is to facilitate relationships, so that agents with real jobs, talk to candidates who are ready and able to join client companies. To do this, Eva:

proactively contacts and completes profiles for interested candidates

suggests relevant roles

matches candidates to jobs, explaining why they’re a good fit

Maximise every relationship

Transforming a 30 hour recruitment cycle into 3 hours

Maximise every relationship

By maintaining a pool of warm, engaged leads, and extensive automation, Eva massively reduces time to placement.

Eva takes considerable workload away from agents, including:

proactively contacting passive candidates

screening interested candidates and completing their profiles

arranging interviews

Maximise every relationship

AI-driven conversations

Maximise every relationship

Eva chatbot is a friendly multi-lingual bot that connects to candidates and shepherds them from a cold lead to an engaged contact. Eva connects with:

Facebook Messenger

Web chat



… and more

Maximise every relationship

Manage your entire business in one place

Maximise every relationship

No more logging into job boards, skipping between tabs and endless pivot tables to manage your workload!

Eva is the single place you need to go to see the entirety of your recruitment business and its performance. With integrated chat, CV parsing, indexing, matching, interview scheduling and more, Eva is the only window you’ll need into your business.

Maximise every relationship

Automate 85% of tasks

Maximise every relationship

Eva typically reduces recruiter workload by 85%, meaning your most valuable assets can focus on relationships, not admin.

Maximise every relationship

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Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list

What is Eva?

EVA is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) recruitment platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate or automate manual tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by agents. 

Do you support my business area?

Yes! EVA technology can be applied to any market or vertical, where you have a reasonable candidate pool size.

Our system is trained using both your data and a generic pool, to ensure that EVA understands language specifically relevant to your business, as well as general terms.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on size of business and the degree of customisation required. Contact us to receive a quick quote.

Which job boards do you support?

At the moment we support direct integration with a select group of job boards that offer high-quality, rich APIs. For the rest, we support Broadbean.

Where custom integrations are desirable or essential for clients, we offer development services.

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